• 1roma_white_man

    Only caucasian man residing in the Roma settlement of Svinia.

  • 1roma_garbage_reflected

    After the rain a Roma man stands outside apartment building in Svinia, a small settlement in Slovakia.

  • 1roma_settlement

    Beyond the road shacks comprise this part of the Roma settlement of Svinia.

  • 1roma_man_holding_axe_protection

    Roma man and woman stand outside doorway. Svinia, Slovakia.

  • 1roma_child_solitary_lonely

    Isolation defines Roma life. Slovakia.

  • 1isolated_roma_girl

    Child walks down muddied sidewalk in Roma settlement.

  • 1roma_woman_slo___03___5_fr_1a
  • 1roma_school_children

    Roma children do school work as part of an education program which was abandoned shortly after this photo was taken.

  • 1roma_couple

    Unemployment close to 100% in the Roma settlement of Svinia.

  • 1roma_cards

    Roma children play cards while an older teen sniffs gasoline.

  • 1roma_couple_dignity

    Though impoverished in their community, this Roma woman revealed a restrained dignity.

  • 1naked_roma_children

    Roma children.

  • 1roma_girls

    Roma children on a cold autumn day.

  • 1roma_boys_bottle

    Roma boys.

  • 1isolated_from_play

    Roma child watches street activity.

  • 1roma_girl_defiance

    A young Roma girl, kind yet serious beyond her years.

  • 1roma_dancing_girl

    Roma girl demonstrates her dancing.

  • 1jarovnice

    Along the trash filled stream, a Roma woman attempts to wash her family's rugs. Jarovnice, Slovakia.

  • 1roma_man_sad

    Hopelessness often prevails in the Roma settlements.

Roma - a People Living on the Margins of Society