• 1convent_entrance

    Entrance to the convent. France

  • 1korean_hallway

    A resident smokes a pipe at the end of a hallway at the Little Sisters of the Poor home in Chonju, South Korea.

  • 1old_hands

    An older nun clasped her hands during mass. San Francisco, California.

  • 1korean_staff_women

    Staff at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Chonju, South Korea.

  • 1doctor_chonju_patient

    Resident and doctor share laughter. Chonju, South Korea.

  • 1resident_ice_cream_bar

    Resident enjoys an ice cream bar in San Francisco, California.

  • 1priest_blessing_catholic

    An elderly priest blesses another priest.

  • 1nun_portrait

    Sister Ana Maria. Chonju, South Korea.

  • 1old_age_laughter

    In Delaware, two residents share some laughter.

  • 1bingo

    One resident helps another playing bingo. Chonju, South Korea.

  • 1nun_comforting_man

    A nun comforts a resident. Chonju, South Korea.

  • 1frenchman_smiling

    A French resident. St. Pern, France.

  • 1hands_doing_word_puzzle

    Resident in Baltimore works daily word puzzles.

  • 1korean_resident_man

    A resident in Chonju poses with his smoke. South Korea.

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